IDA bends to foreign entity influence


Hillary mail

Graphic by Thomas Timlen using Gimp. Hillary Clinton photo provided by Flickr Commons, with no known copyright restrictions.

Hillary Clinton behind latest policy shift

8 JUNE, SINGAPORE: Are you a public servant upset with the decision to ban Internet use on your work computer next year? Well, if so, you can thank a ‘popular’ foreign entity: Hillary Clinton.

Even though unrelated  LGBT foreign entity sponsorship efforts earlier this month revealed that non-local entities should not influence domestic issues, there can be little doubt that Hillary Clinton’s well-publicised irresponsible email habits have played a major role in the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA)’s latest policy announcement.

Although it is not yet known whether there have been any media inquiries regarding the new IDA policy, recent global coverage providing weekly updates on Mrs. Clinton’s private email server infractions unquestionably created high levels of anxiety in the corridors of power on every continent.

Closer to home, on 8 June the Straits Times reported that from May next year, “Web surfing can be done only on the employees’ personal tablets or mobile phones as these devices do not have access to government e-mail systems.” The emphasis on government email systems leaves little doubt regarding Hillary Clinton’s influence on this domestic policy shift.

Clinton’s failure to strictly adhere to US State Department email protocol exposed systemic vulnerabilities that Donald Trump has exploited in the race for the White House.

Political scandal or not, the malware and trojan horse viral paranoia gallops on at full-trot. Diplomats around the world now fret over their own exchanges with the former US Secretary of State, correspondence that was once considered to be ‘safe’ and ‘private’ could soon appear as the latest Wikileaks entertainment, or worse.

Meanwhile, like protecting servers from malware, preventing foreign entities from influencing domestic issues remains a difficult challenge.


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