The secrets of ‘Draw Me’ by CHC

Draw me news

City Harvest’s latest musical offering, the album ‘Draw Me‘ featuring Pastor Ho (a.k.a.; Sun Ho, a.k.a.; Ho Yeow Sun, a.k.a.; Chinese Geisha  has gotten a lot of media attention.

Reports in the mainstream press have focused primarily on the album’s sales. Digital sales of the album reportedly placed it in the top position on the iTunes Singapore chart.

But that was back on Tuesday. Today, Sunday the 19th, it has slipped to third place behind the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Yoga Lin).

Meanwhile physical copies of the album (must be CDs?) have reportedly sold out at the retailer handling it;  The Ink Room (which appears to be a media outlet operated by City Harvest Church).

Exactly how many CDs were sold is not reported.

It was also reported that none of the tracks from ‘Draw Me’ made it to any of the local Spotify charts. To be fair, today (19 June 2016) the ‘Draw Me’ track ‘Miracle’ is listed at number three on the “Viral 50” songs for Singapore (whatever that means, Spotify tries to explain the Viral 50 here).

Two things you don’t know about ‘Draw Me’

Here are a couple of things that the mainstream media has not told you;

Competing iTunes doctrines

On iTunes Singapore, “Draw Me” is 8 places ahead of the album “Quran in English by Juz“. Listening to a preview of Track 1, the listener immediately learns this is “the only perfect book.” Better tell Ridley Scott.

Surprisingly, as this blog was being written, the “Quran in English” slipped down from the 9th slot on the iTunes Singapore top albums chart to 15th, settling in just behind “The Essential Michael Jackson” at 14.

Anagram analysis

The spirit of a name or phrase can sometimes be identified by employing the anagram technique, carefully re-arranging the letters to see what hidden messages are revealed.

The anagram analysis for “Draw Me” is quite shocking.

The re-arranged letters result with the command; “Wed Ram

To wed of course is to marry. To marry also means to join together, unite, merge, unify, combine, and to associate.

But who is Ram?

Is the instruction to wed an uncastrated male sheep, or to follow Ram, the zodiacal sign of the constellation of Aries?

Ram could also be a reference to the seventh avatar of the Hindu god Vasudeva, and a king of Ayodhya. Rama is also the protagonist of the Hindu epic Ramayana, which narrates his idealistic ideas and his greatness.

Or is one to look towards ancient Egypt and follow the spirit of Ramesses I, the founding pharaoh of ancient Egypt’s 19th dynasty? Ramesses’s brief reign marked the transition between the reign of Horemheb and the rule of his son Seti I and grandson Ramesses II, who would bring Egypt up to new heights of imperial power.

As a public service the public should be told which Ram it should wed, and the sooner the better.

Playing the music backwards

So far only a couple of song previews have been listened to, so there has not been a chance to listen to them played backwards to determine if there are any clues regarding who to wed. Perhaps another reviewer can take that one?



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