Brexit: The Consequences


Now that the United Kingdom has left the European Union, discussions regarding the consequences are no longer hypothetical, now it is the reality.

As an ‘aide memoire‘ (one of many foreign phrases that will no longer be permitted in the United Kingdom), this article sets the record straight, highlighting the actual consequences.

The British Pound

Not a problem as the UK did not join the 19 countries in the Eurozone. Well played Britain!

The Eurostar

The Eurostar express train between London and Paris will now only run from Paris to Callais. Ferries from Dover to Callais will see a return to profitability. France and the UK will share whatever profits are earned from selling the Chunnel, which is to be converted into a wine and cheese cellar.


British citizens will only be allowed to visit Euro-Disney if their Mickey Mouse Club visa applications are approved, for a small fee, in Euro.

Return of the pint

Pub patrons in the UK will no longer have to ask for ‘a 0.47 litre glass of Stella please’ when ordering their favourite lagers, stouts, ales, ciders and whatever other strange things are sold in British pubs.

Meanwhile in ‘The Union’

Residents of the remaining 27 member states are also affected by the Brexit.

No Cheerios

The popular breakfast cereal Cheerios will be banned in the European Union. It will be replaced with a French product affectionately named “À bientôt“.

Lost in Übersetzung

Not only will the English Language be prohibited in the EU, but all English signage will be replaced with signage in German.

There will be more consequences to be addressed in the comments section.




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