Green Corridor Pipeline Schedule for Dummies

The scheduled closures of the Green Corridor have now begun as the Murnane Pipeline Project gets underway, starting with the closure of the trail from Holland Road to Commonwealth Avenue on Monday, 27 June 2016.

Outdoor enthusiasts including mountain bikers, runners, trekkers, bird-watchers, dog walkers and nature lovers can be forgiven for a degree of confusion regarding which sections of the trail are closing and when they will re-open, as the dates for each section vary.

This guide seeks to make both the closing and re-opening dates understandable.

The Full Monty

Figure 1 below is an overview of the 4 sections of trail that will temporarily close during the Murnane Pipeline Project between 2016 and 2019.

Some sections will re-open already in July, 2017, then another by December 2018, and finally the last one at the end of 2019.

Green Corridor For Dummies overview

Fig. 1: Overview of closure and re-opening dates

The first section to close: Holland Road to Commonwealth Avenue

This section has already closed, however it is scheduled to reopen again on 31 July 2017.

Fortunately during the closure period there are two options to get around this section, via either;

  1. Holland Road and North Buona Vista Road, or
  2. Holland Grove Road, Mount Sinai Road and Ghim Moh Road.



Holland Rd to Commonwealth

Image taken from the “Green Corridor User Guide

The next sections to close

The remaining three sections of the trail will close during the third quarter of 2016, between 1 July and 30 September 2016. The PUB is still finalising the work contracts so the exact dates of the following closures are not yet known.

When the exact dates are known, the PUB will place informative signage along the Green Corridor and post updates on its Facebook page.

The northern-most section between the PIE and Holland Road will have a temporary access trail running alongside the Green Corridor, so it will be passable during the pipeline work.

This section is shown below;

PIE to Holland Road

Image taken from the “Green Corridor User Guide


The section below Commonwealth Avenue to Jalan Kilang Barat is scheduled to reopen in 2018.

Commonwealth Ave to Jalan Kilang Barat

Image taken from the “Green Corridor User Guide

The Southern-most section between Jalan Kilang Barat and Kampong Bahru Road will be the last to re-open at the end of 2019.

Jalan Kilang Barat to Kampong Bahru Rd

Image taken from the “Green Corridor User Guide

Crossing the Construction Site

PUB & SLA will maintain accessibility at the following 6 major crossing points during the pipelaying works to allow public to cross over:

1. From the bus stop at Jalan Anak Bukit to Rifle Range Road.

RRR xing

Image taken from the “Green Corridor User Guide” in Google Maps

2. From Biomedical Grove (Biopolis) to near 79 Commonwealth Drive.

3. From 76 Commonwealth Drive to place of worship

4. From 67 Commonwealth Drive to 26 Woking Road

5. From 6 Woking Road to Commonwealth Park

(Crossings 2, 3, 4 & 5 appear in the map below in sequence from top to bottom)

xing 2

Crossings 2, 3, 4 & 5. Image taken from the “Green Corridor User Guide” in Google Maps


6. From Masjid Hang Jebat to Queensway

last xing point

Crossing point 6. Image taken from the #Green Corridor User Guide” in Google Maps

Reasons to be cheerful

Considering that the section between the PIE and Holland Road will have an alternate path made available, and the next section between Holland Road and Commonwealth Avenue will reopen on 31 July 2017, the pipeline project is far from a complete closure of the Green Corridor.

The works also present the perfect excuse to explore the areas north of the PIE all the way up to Woodlands, as well as the many nearby PCN routes.

Additional reading and resources

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