Vegan Proselytism


As a recent and long-overdue convert to veganism, I’ve gotten into some heated debates with the uninitiated, which is a good thing.

Good, because with such debates and exchanges of views I learn more about the impacts of the egg, dairy and meat industries whilst raising awareness for everyone regarding these issues.

Personally I’ve got three primary reasons to join the vegan movement, which are;

  1. To reduce the degree of global cruelty to animals
  2. To reduce the environmental damage done by the meat, dairy and egg industries on the planet, and
  3. To enjoy the numerous health benefits including a reduced risk of cancer and heart disease.

With this post I wanted to share some views I presented in response to a Facebook user who claimed that I “do not have the right to tell people how to eat, think, live or be” based on my beliefs.

She went on to say that “Beliefs are just that – opinion. So your opinion and beliefs are only good for you, others have a right to theirs as well.”

I recognise it is true that opinions are split on the cruelty to animals issue, with many people ‘believing’ that animals in the meat, dairy and egg industries are pampered throughout their lives and die in a painless, comfortable way (factually untrue as such beliefs may be).

However, I do take issue regarding my right to express my views on such issues, as I explained in my reply to her appearing below.


“Others have a right to their beliefs”

Using that logic, when the Nazis acted on their beliefs that the best thing for Germany was to exterminate the Jews, the rest of the world had no right to tell them that genocide is unacceptable, right?

And when ISIS believes that all Kafirs must be murdered the rest of the world should react by saying, “OK ISIS, we respect your beliefs. Have a nice day.”

Sorry, I disagree.

Aside from opinion though, there are facts.

The dairy, egg and meat industries are polluting the planet at rates that compete with and exceed the environmental damage done by non-agricultural industries. This information is available from the US EPA, but the words used conveniently disguise these practices and industries in order to keep the public ignorant of the impact.

Massive open cesspools with animal waste are actually called ‘lagoons’.

The industry itself is covered in two categories to lower the totals; for the production of the greenhouse gas methane the EPA refers to cattle farts as ‘Enteric Fermentation’ and all other animal waste as ‘Manure Management’.

Methane from cattle is only surpassed by the Natural Gas Industry, an industry responsible for the recent evacuation of thousands of residents outside Los Angeles.

If you combine the totals for methane gas emissions from cattle with the emissions from manure management, the total puts the Natural Gas industry in a distant second place.

Then there is the impact on human health. This is huge (to borrow Donald Trump’s favourite word).

The health benefits of avoiding meat, eggs and milk products are too extensive to list here (visit the link).

Basically and foremost, the risk of heart disease is tremendously reduced. Cancer risks are also reduced. Then consider all the steroids, antibiotics and other things pumped into cattle, chickens, pigs, lamb, etc.,… if meat products had to have ingredients labels on the packaging I doubt that it would be an appetising read.

One last thought; Because of the impact on public health, resulting with more people with heart problems, cancer and obesity, our global health costs are inflated.

Do people that engage in an unhealthy diet have a right to make the rest of us contribute to their medical treatment? We all do have to pay one way or another after all.

So, as I hope you may now realise, my ‘beliefs’ are not only good for me, they are realistically speaking good for the entire planet and everyone inhabiting it.

Brought to you here with universally good intentions supported by the 1st Amendment.

I hope you have a great day.


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2 thoughts on “Vegan Proselytism

  1. [ Smiles ] Not everyone is interested in our vegan message.

    And, it is quite expected of others to voice their own opinions about veganism.

    The most that we can do is, to continue disseminating the facts on veganism; whether people like it or not!

    • Yeah, you’re right.
      Generally I try to stick with the factual aspects, and correct the misinformation most of us have been raised with.
      It is not easy as Big Agro has a huge budget and has adopted many of the same strategies previously used by the tobacco industry; tobacco has health benefits, etc. etc.
      Meanwhile I’m happy to join you and others in raising fact-based awareness, the best form or enrolment.

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