Vote with your wallet



The US Election has left many feeling helpless, and not just in the United States.

Meanwhile the “Not My President” movement with its own obligatory hashtag has gained attention.

But what good will that do?

Initially it surely serves as an anger management venting option, but it will not change the fact that the detested President-Elect will take office on 20 January, 2017, even though his opponent received about 200,000 more votes than he did, and only 27% of eligible American voters actually voted for him (some mandate).

That has certainly left many voters both disillusioned with the election process and feeling powerless to do anything about it.

Fortunately this bleak reality affords the opportunity to remind them that there are other effective ways to exert influence on a broken system, one being consumer activism.

Just as the civil rights movement flexed its muscles by boycotting bus companies in 1955, and vegans fight for an end to animal cruelty by boycotting animal products, citizens can bring politicians to heel by boycotting any commercial activities that they are associated with, as well as any social media accounts, political rallies, speeches, anything imaginable the targeted politician has anything to do with.

Turning back to the the United States’ President-Elect, an effective boycott would entail disconnecting with his cherished Twitter and Facebook accounts, then avoiding any business with his hotels, apartments, steaks, bottled water, television shows, clothing, books, essentially anything which he derives income or other benefits from.

Netizens have already started listing Trump businesses to shun.

So right now, this very day, an effective blow for change can be struck, targeting not only Trump’s coveted businesses, but businesses run by his supporters as well.

All by simple purchasing decisions. Consumer activism. Just like Rosa Parks. Boycott.

Whilst adhering to such a boycott, an engaged citizen can easily encourage others to join in by making regular use of hashtags like #boycotttrump and posting related blogs.

Upset with your politicians? Then wake up consumers of the world, for your wallet has more power than any ballot, any blog post, any newspaper editorial, any Tweet.

And you can use it in any country, to confront any political party, any politician or policy.

So get out there, and boycott. Today. It will feel good, and it will have a real impact.






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