5 reasons why it was good that Trump won the election

pres strangelove WP


Donald Trump has now been President of the United States for 52 days. Only now do I see this as a good thing. These are the 5 reasons why.

1. No Trump TV

In 2016 the Trump Organisation began preparations to establish a media corporation that would have been something like Foxnews with writers from Breitbart. Had Donald lost the election, this Trump network would be broadcasting right now, criticising Hillary Clinton’s every move, and furthering the Lock Her Up demands featured at Trump rallies. Since Trump won the general election, we are spared this annoyance.

2. The GOP’s incompetence is exposed 

With the GOP in control of two branches of government, now it can dictate the course of the nation. Policy can move to bills and from bills to law. How is that going? The only bill signed so far puts guns in the hands of mentally ill patients. Meanwhile after having had 7 years to put a healthcare plan together to replace the Affordable Care Act, the best they could do was to plagiarise pieces of Obamacare and add tax breaks for the wealthy. With Trump as President, the entire world can now see how badly the GOP is at governing, lacking any ability whatsoever.

3. From Honest Abe to Deceitful Donald

It is now painfully clear that when it comes to lying, no one can lie like Donald and his associates. Meetings with Russians? NEVER! Except regularly before, during and after the campaign and the election by just about everyone you can think of who is associated with Trump. It turns out that Trump himself also met with Russian Ambassador Sergey I. Kislyak, and despite Trump’s repeated denials, we now know that he in fact does have many business deals involving Russia, and he and Putin are good friends too.

4. The American Electorate got a wake up call

Voters across the political spectrum have been shocked from their slumber. Conservative voters who are about to lose their health insurance are beginning to feel the sting of betrayal as they see Trump appoint Wall Street elite to run the show and sell the country to communists. Progressive voters, many of whom sat the 2016 elections out, are now mobilising with massive rallies and becoming more involved with politics at all levels. GOP candidates standing in elections since November have faced several numbing defeats. The tide is turning, and the 2018 midterms could see the tables turn drastically against the GOP.

5. Trump is on his way to jail

The 5th reason why it was good that Trump won the election is my favourite. Had he lost, he would have resumed his life as an annoying reality TV star with real estate. In contrast, now as President, he faces daily scrutiny of every move for conflict of interest violations and outright abuse of power while investigations dig into Russiagate. He and his staff have already committed acts that range from the distasteful to blatantly illegal. With the existing evidence and new revelations, it is only a matter of time before criminal proceedings will take him down.

Sure, it was unfair how the GOP and V. Putin stole the election from Hillary Clinton. But never fear, justice will be served, and the United States will come through this crisis as it has done many times in the past, all the stronger for it.


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