Kong: Skull Island is a Gay Movie

Gay kong lo res

I know, you expected Beauty and the Beast. Nope, there is no gay in that one, despite what Disney and Bill Condon would have you believe.

At least judging from the 47 second scene that is described as Disney’s first ‘exclusively gay moment’. Yes, it is a rather flamboyant moment, but ‘Gay’? Really?

I didn’t see a kiss, an embrace, nor a fondle. Perhaps a wink, but I’m not sure.

Unless we are now calling every flamboyant performance homosexual, which is wrong, as that is stereotyping and ignoring the fact that there are many masculine gay men, Rock Hudson being one of many examples.

You want to see gay scenes? Brokeback Mountain had some. There must be consensus on that, right?

What is Disney really up to?

Taking a step back and looking at all the hype attention Beauty and the Beast is receiving, I cannot help but to think that everyone has been played.

Here we have yet another version of a story told many times. Two animated Disney films, stage productions, television series, books, toys, clothing, yes, Disney is squeezing as much money as possible from this franchise.

Taking an otherwise ordinary scene and branding it as ‘groundbreaking exclusively gay’ creates attention the film would not otherwise have received.

Of course this gives the Westboro Baptist Church and its ilk another opportunity to pontificate about the Gay Agenda and abnormal deviant sinful lifestyles.

Some people might buy a ticket simply to take a stand against such homophobia in light of statements made by these intolerant religious groups, like this example issued on 14 March 2017 by Singapore’s NCCS.

I almost bought a ‘protest ticket’ on that basis myself, however, after seeing the clip, I’ve decided to give this film a pass for now and look forward to the next original Disney production absent of faux controversy.


So, why is King Kong gay?

It couldn’t be more obvious. Admit it, you noticed too, right? It’s in the trailer even.

Come on! Skull Island could not be more blatantly gay.

You want proof?

Ok. You saw the Skull Crawlers emerging from deep dark holes in the ground, that is glaring symbolism for gerbilling if I ever saw it.

Still unsure? Google it. Meanwhile, I already have my Kong: Skull Island ticket for this evening. See you there girls…

Wink, wink!


Next Week

Is this blog gay? Find out as we ask the Westboro Church.


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