Serve yourself write

The article Time for ASEAN to rethink ties with Pyongyang looked interesting.

Yet, right at the beginning, a twinge of dismay. Sigh.

“Serve North Korea right” read the first four words.

That formulation seemed to be wrong, grammatically.

So I checked the phrase, as I recalled that ‘serve’ in this context usually would have an ‘s’, and the phrase itself typically begins with ‘it’.

Sure enough, my suspicions were confirmed.

Does it really matter? Must the grammar Nazi in me make such a fuss?

Ordinarily, no. However the article is described as one in a “series of columns on global affairs written by top editors and columnists from members of the Asia News Network.”

I’ll give the keyboard warrior and hobbyist blogger some flexibility, but “top editors and columnists” serve as role models of proper language use. Their formulations will be quoted, used as examples and repeated. They are responsible for the future of the language they use.

When in doubt in this “age of computer” as Trump calls it, checking spelling and grammar only requires a few clicks on Google.

Therefore, I protest.



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