Exclusive interview with Trump’s Tweets

For as long as we’ve known him, much of Trump’s persona and agenda has remained a mystery.

Now, thanks to Austin Kleon‘s Newspaper Blackout technique, as applied to Trump’s Tweets, the secrets of his mind are magically revealed.

Call it Trump Tweet Blackout if you like.

Let’s start with the question everyone wants to ask;

Who is Donald trump?

personal exp IMG_0657

Ok, what is Donald Trump’s Agenda, specifically?

agenda IMG_0653

I don’t remember that from the campaign. So anyway, now that Trump is a Republican (he was once a Democrat like US Energy Secretary Rick Perry), what are his views on the party?

GOP Lie IMG_0655

That did not take him long to learn!

There have been two big issues since Trump took office, health care and Russiagate. Let’s see what his Tweets reveal about them.

Trump’s views on Health Care

HC IMG_0654

I did not expect that! So what does Trump intend to do?

HC IMG_0652

Wow – he did not type ‘minors’ – well done! What else?

HC IMG_0650

And how will this happen?

HC IMG_0646

Makes sense – aside from the random Huckabee Pie idea. I expected chocolate cake.

Any views on the Republican efforts so far?


That sounded like a Trump campaign speech.

What will happen if the plan becomes law?

HC IMG_0645

Oh dear! Then what?

HC IMG_0651

Well, let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

RU IMG_0658



How does Trump feel about the Russiagate hearings?

RU IMG_0642

Ted Cruz probably feels the same way.

How did Yates upset Trump?

RU IMG_0648

What did Yates explain?

RU IMG_0644

Does anyone know besides Yates?

RU IMG_0643

That doesn’t sound very good for the Trump Presidency.

Many people are saying that Trump is very stressed out these days.

Trump’s advice for relaxation

We all experience stress in our work and personal lives. For Trump, there is one thing that always calms him down.

oral sex IMG_0649

And now you know more about Trump from the hidden messages in his Tweets.

Maybe more than you wanted to know.

What more will he tell us?

Wait and see…



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