The caffeine manifesto


If it wasn’t obvious before, it should be by now.

Employment is a false construct in modern times. The majority of jobs performed today could have, and should have, been eliminated decades ago.

Retail outlets serve no purpose. Everything can be ordered online.

You want to ask about a product; that can be done online in a multitude of ways; Google search, customer reviews, email to the retailer or manufacturer, text messaging, video chat, take your pick.

Society can shutter every retail outlet, shopping mall, immediately. Amazon is there to deliver anything you need to your doorstep via the post, a private delivery service or a drone.

Yes, human interaction in some cases is still needed. Doctors and dentists cannot be completely eliminated overnight. Police are still needed to keep social deviants in line. Judges are still needed to rule over the deviants’ fate.

Eliminate jobs and time saving options lose their purpose, so all airlines can be shut down. People who wish to travel could do so by ocean vessels powered by wind and solar power. The technology for autonomous vessels already exists, so no captain or crew is required.

Eliminate automobiles and enhance public transport services. Electric cars, bicycles and other environmentally friendly transportation options exist today but are grossly underutilised.

Ownership keeps the false narrative supporting the need for employment alive. Eliminate ownership and convert the global economy and social construct to one of shared resources and salaries no longer have any purpose. The incentives to steal, embezzlle, extort and cheat would disappear overnight.

Superfluous activities would come to an abrupt halt. The arts would thrive.

Industry is producing toxins that are killing the planet and it’s inhabitants. Eliminate industry and the planet can heal, and all life forms on it can be rejuvenated.

Do nothing, allow society to continue down its path of inevitable self-annihilation, the outcome for the planet and its inhabitants is bleak. Perhaps only cockroaches will remain.

Reject the status quo and force a global upheaval beyond the scope of any previous revolution, and future generations might one day look back with a degree of gratitude.

Be the change.


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