Trump declares disaster


Today, President Donald J. Trump declared that a major disaster exists in the Trump Administration and ordered psychological assistance to supplement recovery efforts in the areas affected by severe amorality, recklessness, impulsiveness, ignorance and pettiness.

Federal funding is available to eligible Administrative staff who are members of the Trump family by birth or by marriage.

Federal funding is also available to members of the Republican caucus and FoxNews.

Brock Long, Administrator, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Department of Homeland Security, named Eric Trump as the Federal Coordinating Officer for Federal fund distribution to the eligible grifters.

Additional designations may be made at a later date if requested by the SCROTUS and warranted by the results of further emoluments violations.



The caffeine manifesto


If it wasn’t obvious before, it should be by now.

Employment is a false construct in modern times. The majority of jobs performed today could have, and should have, been eliminated decades ago.

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Trump outlaws main opposition party

Move viewed as attempt by authoritarian leader Donald Trump to further curb democracy

trump eyes

The United State’s President Donald J. Trump has held power since January 2017

TASS: Trump’s Conservative Supreme Court on Thursday outlawed the country’s main opposition party and banned its members from politics, in a move that critics say will deliver a body blow to democracy in the United States.

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The [SECRET] Customs Interview


Photo  Credit: Henk Bekker. Details Below.


In the Hong Kong Special Autonomous Region of China, Customs and National Defense Headquarters of Most Honourable Memorial People’s Building, Third Chief Senior Enforcement and Contraband Officer John Sing Chew Yang, Jr. sits across the table from Mr. Ralph Nebulous, Associate Customer Service Representative (Air & Ocean) at Box&Go World-Wide DIY Shipping, Plc. Ltd., an NVOCC. Google it.

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