Bad bad gloating ladies…


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During the first presidential debate Hillary Clinton struck what may be the fatal blow to Donald Trump’s campaign by getting him to admit that he does not pay any federal income tax.

During a lively exchange Clinton decided to turn the spotlight on Trump’s income tax returns, which he has refused to reveal.

Clinton proposed that maybe Trump “doesn’t want the American people, all of you watching tonight, to know that he’s paid nothing in federal taxes, because the only years that anybody’s ever seen were a couple of years when he had to turn them over to state authorities when he was trying to get a casino license, and they showed he didn’t pay any federal income tax.”

Instead of denying the allegation that he habitually avoids paying income tax, Trump decided to brandish income tax-dodging as a badge of honour and quickly shot back “That makes me smart.”

It remains a mystery why no mainstream news outlets have this in the headlines. Only a few years ago such a revelation would have been the death knell for any political campaign.

This article is reproduced with permission from newz + reviewz

Killing Nemo


Illustration by Thomas Timlen


Children’s cinema has a way of portraying the world’s environment in wonderful balance. Adorable talking wild animals, thriving in lush forests and jungles. A planet with expansive colourful oceans of abundant clear clean water.

Meanwhile back in the real world, Earth’s climate deteriorates before our eyes (for those brave enough to take an honest look), whilst grownups convince themselves that technological advances will protect “the ecological and the economic well-being of the planet”.

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LETTERS: Lookalikes



Dear Sir,

Has anyone noticed the similarity between English comedian, actor, writer, presenter and activist Stephen Fry and future British Prime Minister Theresa May? I was struck by the similarities between the two. Do you think they might be related?

Yours faithfully,
Tony Blair

Facebook Police: Bot or not?

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 1.11.43 PM

The recent policing of posts in Facebook, resulting with some being removed whilst the users were temporarily suspended from using Facebook has raised a few questions.

People rightly wonder how policing of Facebook is conducted. Is it done by an algorithm or does it require human intervention? If human intervention is required, is this being done by Facebook employees or does Facebook rely on its customers to report posts that violate the Facebook Community Standards (hereafter referred to as ‘FCS’).

My gut feeling is that posts which violate the FCS will remain on Facebook untouched until a user reports them for review. With over one billion Facebook accounts in the system, in many different languages, there are surely plenty that in one way or the other violate the FCS.

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PRexit shock in Singapore!


Graphic; Thomas Timlen. Photo: Ben Tsai – Flickr public domain. Link below

While the world tries desperately to recover from the Brexit shock, Singapore now steals the media spotlight with its own secessionist drama; The PRexit. (I told you to fix that link already! -Ed.)

In 1965, Malaysia said ‘Bai’ to Singapore, and the tiny nation plodded a tearful path southwards toward a dubious independence with no natural resources or anything, being just a swampy little fishing village, abandoned by the British Foreign Entity, and infested by schools of fish-lion thingies.

Then Lee Kuan Yew rolled up his sleeves and built a gleaming city-state. So shiok already.

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