Measures in place to prevent ang moh crime


SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Ang Moh Affairs (MAMA) has measures in place to safeguard against a repeat of the Holland Village bank robbery, said the ministry’s Second Deputy Senior Minister of Theft Bruce Lee on Wednesday (July 6).

Responding to questions from a Member of Parliament, Mr Lee said that MAMA “continually reviews its management of hotspots with hoodie-wearing ang mohs such as Holland Village and Smith’s Authentic British Fish and Chips”.

One ang moh from Australia robbed a bank by handing the teller a note on a piece of paper. He is only the second ang moh in the history of independent Singapore to be seen wearing a hoodie.

Following the incident, authorities stepped up police patrols in the area and curbed consumption of Earl Grey breakfast tea on Orchard Road and in the Marina Bay Financial district.

But, relating a recent visit to Holland Village, Ms Thatcher, who is the President of the Women’s Philately League, said: “It was obvious that the pre-robbery ang mohs have returned to Holland Village. Congregations of such high density are walking time-bombs and crime incidents waiting to happen.”

“It is important that we do not take our eyes off this matter lest we want history to repeat itself.”

The MP for Holland Village constituency put forth some suggestions, including forming a multi-agency Task Force to manage ang mohs; removing all banks to reduce the risk of further bank robberies; building more fish and chip restaurants outside Holland Village; and deporting ang mohs regularly in the middle of the night on Chinese-built trains.

He added that, “Anton Casey left of his own accord, an excellent role model that other ang mohs can choose wisely to follow.”

Many feel that the ang mohs need a stern warning.




Singapore ‘definitely has not given up’ on trains


SINGAPORE: Singapore “definitely has not given up” on the use of trains for mass transport, said Mr Choo Choo Loon, director of Public Transport Solutions at the Transport Development Authority of Singapore (TDA), on Thursday (July 7).

In fact, the Government is “taking a leap forward” to eliminate all possible train-related problems afflicting commuters today – the trains, explained Mr Choo in an interview with Fine Gardening Magazine.

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Active seniors inspire youth


Warming up before exercise is important. Bouncing on a trampoline is a good option.

A healthy lifestyle movement is sweeping the nation, and fitness is an important factor.

Today, senior members of the community are setting a good example as role models for the youth.


After a thorough warm-up, more rigorous, yet friendly competitive sports can be pursued. 

As energetic as their younger teammates, a unique choice of attire is often the only characteristic that sets the seniors apart.


“Pump up the bass!” Nothing beats the excitement of a Justin Bieber concert after an intense workout. 

It surprises many that a regular fitness program limits fatigue and provides additional energy for late-night fun and frolicking.

Prior to initiating a fitness routine it is advisable to consult with your physician.

PRexit shock in Singapore!


Graphic; Thomas Timlen. Photo: Ben Tsai – Flickr public domain. Link below

While the world tries desperately to recover from the Brexit shock, Singapore now steals the media spotlight with its own secessionist drama; The PRexit. (I told you to fix that link already! -Ed.)

In 1965, Malaysia said ‘Bai’ to Singapore, and the tiny nation plodded a tearful path southwards toward a dubious independence with no natural resources or anything, being just a swampy little fishing village, abandoned by the British Foreign Entity, and infested by schools of fish-lion thingies.

Then Lee Kuan Yew rolled up his sleeves and built a gleaming city-state. So shiok already.

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Singapore bans lorry booms to protect sheltered walkways

lorry boom ban

Lorry Booms like this will not be seen again on the roads of Singapore (Photo: Thomas Timlen hastily using Gimp, his own cityscape shot and two Flickr Commons shots, all combined like that lah)

The Republic is a “prime target” for lorry boom mishaps and has experienced several lorry boom-related accidents over the years, the Sheltered Walkway Protection Agency (SWPA) said on Friday amid growing concerns about a move to ban lorry booms in the city-state.

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