Bicyclists’ paradise in Eastern Singapore

P1130201 Mark my lane

Tanah Merah Coast Road’s on-road bike lane. The PCN can be seen on the left.

SINGAPORE: Sunday 23 April 2017 was the first full day that the new Tanah Merah Coast Road was open, with its exclusive on-road bicycle lanes and the adjacent Coastal Park Connector, the latest addition to Singapore’s Park Connector Network (PCN).

After traversing the new route from north to south and back again, I can say that the planners behind this project have really pulled off a bicycling masterpiece.

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DOS Global Travel Guide Updated!


Ready to explore the world?  Great! Pack your bags and head for the airport!

For your traveling pleasure we have compiled the latest exciting travel tips provided by the United States Global Tourism Board Fear Mongering Squad  State Department and other official sources.

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Green Corridor Pipeline Schedule for Dummies

The scheduled closures of the Green Corridor have now begun as the Murnane Pipeline Project gets underway, starting with the closure of the trail from Holland Road to Commonwealth Avenue on Monday, 27 June 2016.

Outdoor enthusiasts including mountain bikers, runners, trekkers, bird-watchers, dog walkers and nature lovers can be forgiven for a degree of confusion regarding which sections of the trail are closing and when they will re-open, as the dates for each section vary.

This guide seeks to make both the closing and re-opening dates understandable.

The Full Monty

Figure 1 below is an overview of the 4 sections of trail that will temporarily close during the Murnane Pipeline Project between 2016 and 2019.

Some sections will re-open already in July, 2017, then another by December 2018, and finally the last one at the end of 2019.

Green Corridor For Dummies overview

Fig. 1: Overview of closure and re-opening dates

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Green Corridor closures to begin on 27 June


Green Corridor Project Timeline

Trail section closures will begin on 27 June. The complete trail will not be available again until December 2019.

In response to enquires from The Inside Story, Singapore’s PUB confirmed that on Monday 27 June 2016 the area of the Green Corridor between Holland Road and Commonwealth Avenue will be the first to close as the Murnane Water Pipeline works get underway.

PUB has begun posting signage along the trail to inform users of the upcoming closure.

Last chance to use the complete trail

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The Green Corridor: Farewell for now

P1130131 Into the sunset banner

Sun sets over the Green Corridor (Photo: Thomas Timlen)

My first mountain bike ride on the Rail Trail, a.k.a. the Green Corridor, took place on 19 January 2013. Three years later on 15 June 2016 I enjoyed what might be my last ride until sometime in 2019, if a planned water main construction project finishes on schedule.

The end is near

Since the announcement of the water main project was made, the second quarter of 2016 has loomed ominously for patrons of the Green Corridor.

To keep the public informed, Singapore’s Public Utilities Board (PUB) produced a useful map that has been distributed by the Singapore Land Authority (SLA). This map shows the sections of the Green Corridor that will be affected.

Some good news

For all sections south of Jalan Anak Bukit, the construction is expected to begin by the end of June 2016.

However, there are a few reasons to be cheerful.

Not all sections will be closed. For example, the Map indicates that during the construction an alternate path will be made available starting from Holland Road heading north.

There might also be some extra time available before the Green Corridor is actually closed.

During my ride on 15 June 2016, there were no signs whatsoever of an impending closure.

In addition, the trail conditions were superb. In the three years that’s I’ve cycled on the Green Corridor I have never experienced better conditions. The path is solid thanks to efforts to limit the mud and improve the drainage, and the greenery has rarely been so lush. A great combination!

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