Origin of disaster; Operaen


Operaen, as it was meant to be; Flat glass facade.  Photo: Thomas Timlen/GIMP

If you’re not Danish you probably missed the scandal. Otherwise only aficionados of great architects, fans of masters like Henning Larsen, would be familiar with this sad tale.

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Pink Dot & the US LGBT Pride Month

Pink Dot POTUS

Obama on the phone. Who knows what he really said?

8 JUNE, SINGAPORE; It has been reported that foreign entities may no longer be allowed to fund the annual Pink Dot event at which participants celebrate the fact that the Freedom to Love is a fundamental human right that should not be denied to anyone.

Some have said that this uniquely Singaporean initiative has inspired similar events in other parts of the world.

All things considered, otherwise progressive world leaders might not be expressing their disappointment regarding future restrictions on funding from foreign entities anytime soon.

And so it goes…