Bicyclists’ paradise in Eastern Singapore

P1130201 Mark my lane

Tanah Merah Coast Road’s on-road bike lane. The PCN can be seen on the left.

SINGAPORE: Sunday 23 April 2017 was the first full day that the new Tanah Merah Coast Road was open, with its exclusive on-road bicycle lanes and the adjacent Coastal Park Connector, the latest addition to Singapore’s Park Connector Network (PCN).

After traversing the new route from north to south and back again, I can say that the planners behind this project have really pulled off a bicycling masterpiece.

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DOS Global Travel Guide Updated!


Ready to explore the world?  Great! Pack your bags and head for the airport!

For your traveling pleasure we have compiled the latest exciting travel tips provided by the United States Global Tourism Board Fear Mongering Squad  State Department and other official sources.

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