Home destroyed as bible signed by Trump combusts


trump signs bible

A family of first responders in Collinsville need help after losing everything in a house fire probably caused by a bible signed by Donald J. Trump, President*.

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Facebook Police: Bot or not?

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 1.11.43 PM

The recent policing of posts in Facebook, resulting with some being removed whilst the users were temporarily suspended from using Facebook has raised a few questions.

People rightly wonder how policing of Facebook is conducted. Is it done by an algorithm or does it require human intervention? If human intervention is required, is this being done by Facebook employees or does Facebook rely on its customers to report posts that violate the Facebook Community Standards (hereafter referred to as ‘FCS’).

My gut feeling is that posts which violate the FCS will remain on Facebook untouched until a user reports them for review. With over one billion Facebook accounts in the system, in many different languages, there are surely plenty that in one way or the other violate the FCS.

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