Serve yourself write

The article Time for ASEAN to rethink ties with Pyongyang looked interesting.

Yet, right at the beginning, a twinge of dismay. Sigh.

“Serve North Korea right” read the first four words.

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PRexit shock in Singapore!


Graphic; Thomas Timlen. Photo: Ben Tsai – Flickr public domain. Link below

While the world tries desperately to recover from the Brexit shock, Singapore now steals the media spotlight with its own secessionist drama; The PRexit. (I told you to fix that link already! -Ed.)

In 1965, Malaysia said ‘Bai’ to Singapore, and the tiny nation plodded a tearful path southwards toward a dubious independence with no natural resources or anything, being just a swampy little fishing village, abandoned by the British Foreign Entity, and infested by schools of fish-lion thingies.

Then Lee Kuan Yew rolled up his sleeves and built a gleaming city-state. So shiok already.

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The secrets of ‘Draw Me’ by CHC

Draw me news

City Harvest’s latest musical offering, the album ‘Draw Me‘ featuring Pastor Ho (a.k.a.; Sun Ho, a.k.a.; Ho Yeow Sun, a.k.a.; Chinese Geisha  has gotten a lot of media attention.

Reports in the mainstream press have focused primarily on the album’s sales. Digital sales of the album reportedly placed it in the top position on the iTunes Singapore chart.

But that was back on Tuesday. Today, Sunday the 19th, it has slipped to third place behind the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Yoga Lin).

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Singapore bans lorry booms to protect sheltered walkways

lorry boom ban

Lorry Booms like this will not be seen again on the roads of Singapore (Photo: Thomas Timlen hastily using Gimp, his own cityscape shot and two Flickr Commons shots, all combined like that lah)

The Republic is a “prime target” for lorry boom mishaps and has experienced several lorry boom-related accidents over the years, the Sheltered Walkway Protection Agency (SWPA) said on Friday amid growing concerns about a move to ban lorry booms in the city-state.

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