Trump outlaws main opposition party

Move viewed as attempt by authoritarian leader Donald Trump to further curb democracy

trump eyes

The United State’s President Donald J. Trump has held power since January 2017

TASS: Trump’s Conservative Supreme Court on Thursday outlawed the country’s main opposition party and banned its members from politics, in a move that critics say will deliver a body blow to democracy in the United States.

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The Good Foreign Entities


It is interesting to consider the numerous occasions in which do-gooder foreign entities just don’t understand the ‘right’ boundaries.

Prancing around the globe gleefully poking their noses in places where they think they can be a force for positive change.

Yet, despite this lack of respect for domestic boundaries and cultural sensitivities, combined with a child-like, perhaps naive zest to make the world a better place, it seems they are still somehow appreciated in some places.

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